Your Six-Figure Commission


Your Six-Figure Commission

Earning a six-figure income is the desire of every professional that shrugs off the protective environment that is a W2 existence and braves the real-world hazards and statistics associated with economic self-reliance. And while six-figure incomes are undoubtedly attainable, they are anything but the norm. Let’s look at this harsh reality numerically (figures you’re likely painfully familiar with):

  • 1st-year percentage of self-employment failure – 50%
  • 5th-year percentage of self-employment failure – 95%
  • Gross receipts between $0 and $94,500 – 75%
  • Gross receipts between $94,500 and $136,500 – 15%

If we analyze the data above, we see that regardless of all the talk about huge incomes promoted throughout various mediums and advertised by marketers trying to promote their “easy” methods to achieve the same, the reality is that, of the 5% of businesses (self-employment) that survive, there’s less than a 15% likelihood of ever even grossing $100k (before deducting expenses and paying the taxes that we all love so very much). This means that the statistical probability for someone taking this leap even to generate gross receipts that reach or exceed the $100k mark is 3/4 of 1%.

Now, the focus needs to become why these realities are what they are and, more importantly, what we do to overcome them.

First, let us examine some of the most common reasons it’s so difficult to realize success, statistically even for the 5% of survivors. The easy starting place is the simple reality that some people leap into self-reliance before they’re prepared (financially, experience-wise, skill set-wise, and/or emotionally). Next, we have market saturation – virtually all markets in America are saturated, and it’s nearly impossible to differentiate oneself. Thirdly, evolution. Evolution in markets, technology, marketing, demographics, and consumerism (not to mention little things like pandemics, inflation, supply chain, and employment issues which have crippled even the best of the five percenters).

Now, what do you do about it? First, ensure that you have the knowledge, skill sets, discipline, and strategy to have at least an honest shot at surviving the 95% purge. Second, focus on markets that have or control enough wealth to allow you to achieve the best time-to-revenue ratio. Third, master or partner with a master of communication (marketing). Fourth, find a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else in a real and tangible manner (words and promises don’t count. The difference needs to be real and something that the consumer can “wrap their fingers around”). Fifth, if you want to earn massive income reliably and consistently, you need to constantly engage in massive transactions, which isn’t the norm for most. Finally, make your product, service, or good something this market is ravenous for. While the above is true and quite obvious, the statistics demonstrate that virtually NOBODY has figured all of it out (less than 3/4 of 1%).

Here is where Stryde comes in.

  1. Market focus – Main St. Businesses that control more wealth than ANY other market in America: $32 Trillion.
  2. Differentiation / Zero Competition – Stryde built the ‘Cost Remediation’ market. Filed for provisional patents and developed systems, strategies, and products for which no peer exists. We have developed groundbreaking software.
  3. Marketing – Stryde’s marketing teams have developed systems, advertising, scripting, and meeting management systems that have resulted in thousands of affiliates with zero preexisting experience in the business owner market realizing more income in months (sometimes single transactions) than they’ve ever made in a year with live testimony given weekly on national calls for the last 19 years. The most recent 300 hours of this live testimony is available for anyone to listen to.
  4. Massive Transactions – Stryde advisors have identified tens of BILLIONS of dollars of cash flow, tax, and expense mitigation for Main St. businesses, the realization of which absolutely results in the largest transactions of our affiliate’s lives.
  5. Ravenous Market – Every business and business owner in America is aggressively pursuing ANY and ALL revenue enhancement, tax mitigation, cash flow enhancement, and expense reduction strategy they can find – now you get paid to give it to them!

Darren Olayan , Senior Advisor


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