The PERFECT Business Model for Qudoz

If you were going to play the game of Qudoz and literally run it as a business as you play, these are the recommendations we give you as your business venture:

 1. Market Research Consultant:

– Core Activity: Collecting data and information about various locations and the businesses within them.

– Objective: Providing valuable insights and feedback to businesses to help them understand their market, customer preferences, and potential areas for improvement.

 2. Travel Blogger/Vlogger:

– Core Activity: Traveling to different places and documenting experiences through blog posts, videos, or social media content.

– Objective: Offering audiences an authentic view of various destinations, including the culture, cuisine, and attractions, potentially influencing their travel decisions.

 3. Product/Service Reviewer:

– Core Activity: Trying out products and services in various locations and providing reviews.

– Objective: Influencing consumer choices by offering honest evaluations of the quality, value, and utility of products and services.

 4. Professional Gamer:

– Core Activity: Playing games, possibly in different locations or settings, and possibly competing in gaming contests or providing entertainment through live streams.

– Objective: Earning income through competitions, sponsorships, or streaming services based on gaming skills and entertainment value.

 5. Feedback Specialist for Business Improvement:

– Core Activity: Providing detailed feedback on products, services, and overall customer experiences to businesses for their improvement and development.

– Objective: Acting as a critical link between consumer experiences and business innovation, helping businesses refine their offerings.

 Business Model Considerations:

– Revenue Streams: This business model could generate income through various channels, such as consulting fees, advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and competition prizes.

– Legal Structure: Depending on the scale and scope, this could be structured as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation to provide the necessary legal and financial framework.

– Market Positioning: Positioning as an expert in market research and consumer feedback, with a strong online presence and credibility, would be key.

– Networking and Partnerships: Building relationships with businesses, tourism boards, and brands could provide opportunities for sponsored trips, product reviews, and consulting projects.


This type of business would be quite dynamic, blending elements of travel, review, and consulting into a unique service offering. Success would likely depend on the ability to provide valuable, actionable feedback to businesses, coupled with engaging content that attracts a dedicated following. Given the diverse activities involved, a clear business strategy, effective branding, and legal compliance (especially regarding taxes and business expenses) would be crucial. Consulting with business advisors and legal experts could help in properly structuring this business and exploring its potential.

Thoughts shared by Darren Olayan 24 February 2024

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