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Tax codes change frequently and increasing complexity can make it hard for you to maximize your tax deductions. When working and running a small business, every dollar counts. We have tax experts and software that helps you manage your taxes throughout the entire year to maximize deductions and keep up to date on any tax code changes.
+ 30 Years
Of experience specifically helping our clients maximize their deductions.



  • List of names, SSNs, birthdays of everyone being claimed.
  • Email address
  • What is your filing status (single, married separate/joint, Head of Household)
  • W2s, 1099s, & any tax documents.
  • AGI – Adjusted Gross income from previous tax file.
  • Copy of last year’s taxes (Form 1040).
  • Copy of ID/DL or info (Number, State issued, Issue & Exp Dates)
  • Bank info to deposit refund (Bank name, Routing & Acct #)
  • Did u pay health insurance premiums? If yes, than how much did you pay monthly for everyone?
  • Did anyone receive a Identity Protection Number? What is number? And to whom it was for?
  • Is anyone in college? If yes, we will need the 1098-T form from that College Institution.


  • All additional Expenses: Examples
  • Auto: Maintenance, Insurance, Payments, Vehicle Information (Make, Model, Purchase Date, Loan Amounts, Miles driven)
  • Travel: Airfare, Hotels, Car Rentals, Ubers, Meals
  • Office: Furniture, Rents/Leases, Electronics, Cell Phone, Tools, Expenses

Don’t have all the requirements? No problem.
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